Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you looked within lately...?

"Understanding oneself, one's drives, one's emotions, the way in which one's mind works, is the minimum requirement for successful relationships. Without this understanding of oneself, without taking the time to learn about oneself, relationships can be merely a tug of war between two independent egos, instead of a coming together."

This is what i read this morning on an article on a magazine while i was waiting on my favorite past time : Going to the dentist!

Im so tired of not getting it right and i sure as hell am to lazy to go out and hire an enlightened guru or a spiritual guide.
I know they say its a simple matter of observing yourself, right here, right now. Within your body and mind is everything you need to find your deeper self. Actually,as they say, all things of the universe are right here, within you, represented by your physical aspects, your consciousness, your feelings, your perceptions (labeling) and your thoughts.

Only when we become shrewd enough to see beyond our labeling; which is the outward appearance of things based on our past memories, can we penetrate into our self - which is the one who is shrewd, the one who labels, the one who holds such strong opinions, and the one who loves and hates. Only then do we come to an understanding about everything in the universe, including our bodies and minds. Only then do we understand that they are innocent and cause no problems whatsoever. And only then do we understand that they all have the same characteristics; namely that they all change, that none of them have a "self" standing behind their obvious appearances, and that it is only our perceptions of our own "self" that cause our stress.

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