Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waiting To Exhale

What i want to my words to mean to you...
Some things are just too private to share with others, no matter how intimate you might be with them. Especially if the things that are inside of you are what you're trying to get away from.
You don't come out and say it to me. But i know your daemons sometimes try you and and stand in your way, they cloud the window to your soul.
But unless you approach me with the subject, its not in my place to give you advice or try to council...But i love you and i know sometimes you feel tormented and lost and lonely.

But let me say this if you feel fear, maybe a part of you is breaking free and developing new strength.
Maybe its time to let the old go and accept the new.
If i told you that i personally believe that it it might help to use the fabric of your own life to create authenticity for the emotional complexities you want to talk about. I say this because i know that different parts of us are highlighted dependent on the circumstances we are in and the people that we are with.
That’s why some people turn to books and music and movies or some kind of art as a purpose of communicating or the belief that through communication there can be some kind of healing. As if the idea of fiction is to take the truth, emotional truth and manipulate them so that they can tell a story, and hopefully a story that you can relate to and have answers to.
Can i as you this at the risk of sounding too intrusive...? Are there things inside of you you haven't pulled out and accepted yet?
Are you trying to protect yourself from things that are happening around you. It feels like you want to accept some new things but are afraid of being hurt, and thus you can sometimes attack and get your back up instead of just accepting. I hope i'm helping...its not meant to be intrusive.
You said you had a dream about snakes...It seamed to affect you, disturb your balance. I don't know what to say. Freud say to dream of a snake is to dream of yourself. if the snake turns and bites you it is supposed to be good...a self revelation. What do you think?
But you know from what i have learned and from what i know about you, it can just mean that spiritually it can stimulate greater perception of how to apply your insight and intuition. Your own vision and intuition will become more accurate. I know. You will be able to swallow and digest whatever you take in. Weather the storm as you've always done.
You haven't reached your peake i know, you are God's child and you're blessed with more then you know. You will eventually always adapt to what agrees with what you're thinking. That’s how our mind is built, that's how we maintain sanity.
That’s part of the game. Being able to access who you are and to be able to express yourself and to be able to be in touch with who you are.
Something Big is coming...and its just waiting to exhale.

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