Friday, June 26, 2009

If they "why, why..?" Tell them that is Human Nature

Michael is dead.
And like most people around the world i was shoked when i heard. I mean i knew that the live that he led would soon have this ending, but regardless of whatever opinion, prejudice, pre concept idea we may have of his. This here is true there will never be any one like him. EVER.
To me he was Peter pan and he never grew out of his childhood mind. He was robed of his childhood and was and a troubled soul, and he suffered the consequences of that. Must have not been easy to live with all those demons inside of him. The world can be a cruel place for those who are truly gifted And i honestly believe that all those things that he was accused of, if they ever were indeed true. To him, it didn't meant that of which he was accuse of i believe that he genuinenly didn't see that as being a sin of something evil. His eyes didn't see that.
And on top of that he grew up in a country and in a society that has been with years and years of slave residue that is still present today.Imagine growing up in a country the color of your skin determines the quality of your life. Where being black made people hate you. Every culture around the world has its way of putting certain people down. You gotta be one bad mamma jamma to overcome all that and accomplish what you have.And thats what he did.
But he didn't and couldn't kill the beast, he didn't kill the beast of who he would turn out to be. That made him not even able to be comfortable in his own skin. Just to be accepted. Sad....
But never the less he was and always will be unique, gifted and irreplaceable

These are not my words, they are from a poet called W.H. Auden, but i find them to be very apropriate for this moment for this funeral blues:

"Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good."

Somehow I feel this planet is less cool now that he's gone
May he find his peace now. And rock forever. RIP

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Expectations About Spirituality

Regardless of any bodies belief system, we'll eventually one day feel the need to learn about spirituality. I grew up never thinking about it. I thought God was the Church and the church was the only authority when it came to Gods word.
But then things happen for a reason, and some people come into your live for life others come for a season. And if you are lucky enough to find yourself two or three people (like madea's wise words say)in your life that's like the roots at the bottom of the tree, you are blessed, because those are the kind of people that are going no where, so when you get your self some roots you better hold on to them.
So then came my wolfie, the good wolfie.He is truly a gift to me. He touchs a place in my soul that calls forth divinity, nobility, and joy. I dont know how long he will be a part of my life. But im hoping that he is one of those roots that sustain a tree. But he intruduced me and got me seriously thinking about spirituality and ever since that has been one of my main goals in life and my favorite subjects...Spirituality.
The more i started to read and listen about the subject the more it moved me in. It was like the feeling of gravitation towards a cleasing.
And yesterday i saw this show in witch the subject was all and only about spirituality and what it means and how sometimes its confused with religion and misinterpreted.
So this is what i leaned and i want to write down word by word so that i won't forget it and somehow make it my guide.
It started with this quote witch contradicted my hole miscomception about God and his link the the church:

"Jesus said... the Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood... and I am there, lift a stone... and you will find me. " Can anybody be indiferent to these words? i couldn't.
So they had this panel of spiritual teachers who in a very simple and aquerate way explained what it means to spiritual and what is spirituality.
So they were saying that our inner life, our soul, is something we come into life with. That its shining in our hearts. Its always there with us.But as we go through life,this light, which is the lantern of who we are, gets covered with layers of conditioning. The anger you build up, the fear, the mistrust, difficuties from your childhood, all that begins to dull the natural light that is within us.
So when people say that they go into a spiritual path, there're not going somewhere else.Not going to get something that we dont already have. We just have to clean the sides of the lantern, to start healing your ourselves.
Spirituality is not about gaining anything. Its about letting go of something.The distrust, the anger, the worry, the fear. So spirituality is about letting go of the false beliefs, the limiting perceptions, the unexamined perceptions in our life. Once you start letting go of the ball and chain, weather you do it through prayer or counsil, meditation, whatever works for you, you will start to little by little letting go of the things that which is inhibiting you from being yourself. So that then you can come into awareness, you have insights, you have revelations into your real nature.And who doesnt want that? To be spiritualy liberating
So what does it mean to be spiritualy liberated? It means you are no longer run by unexamined perceptions.
Sometimes i find myself wondering who's running me? whats running my life? Is it the unexamined perceptions that i adapt from the society i live in, or is it my higher self that, the one that is inharent to all of us like our intuition, or wisdom tools that some of us are not even conscious of. But i know that if i stay awake, ill will come to me in a language that i will understand.
So if you think about it, you are your own best authority as your work on yourself and so ultimately you really are your own best priest. You have to listen to your inner voices. Listen, trust and obey your won inner voice.
I believe in prayer but i don't know how to pray i cant find stillness in me to concentrate on the prayer. But I believe that when you pray and you ask God to lead you to the place for you and your family. And you persist in that prayer. Over time, that it will happen. It will be revealed to you. It may be totally
surprising, unconventional, outside the box. It will be—it will come to you. I believe all that and i have a great respect for those who have this ability, i just wished i could be at a place where i could be able to go there. was saying here.
I heard say You have to stay awake. It will come to you. That somebody will be talking, you'll be in a conversation, you'll be in the supermarket, you'll be
somewhere, you'll see it on the back of a bus, you'll see or hear it on television.
I believe that. Things are changing all of the time and they change rapidly and i understand that there's a teacher for every level of consciousness or every level of awareness. And where i am right now, i wouldn't fit in another other box.I think that what i ready for now is to do some exploration and some research into real spirituality. So i know i'm going to find where i fit.
What i have a problem with. Well no, not a problem with what i wonder a lot is, people with weight problems they make an effort to loss weight and they finally get to a poit where they lose the weight they needed to keep it off, but most of the time because of emotional problems they fall off the wagon.
So How do you stay connected? How do you not slip off to your old way of thinking and that—that, you know, keeping that positive feeling and keeping, you know, more spiritual like, being more connected? How do you stay present continuously.
I guess the trick is to be connected with other people that are on the same path as you are.Keeping your company holy and walking the same direction. I guess you can call it a spiritual practice. Some days you're going to feel good, you're going to feel high. Some days you're not going to feel good, but you still practice. Just— you wake up every day, you brush your teeth every day. Some days you may not feel like it, but you still do it.Some days you're going to feel good, you're going to feel high. Some days you're not going to feel good, but you still practice. Just— you wake up every day, you brush your teeth every day.
whatever your particular inclination is. Give yourself a moment of silence.
There is This Pastor who says "Give yourself a moment of silence. Watch your breath. And then what happens is you start to develop a kind of an inner subjective way of being, and you don't beat yourself up when you're feeling
bad. You don't go to the other extreme when you're feeling good. It's a practice that, over a period of time, it would hold a space of inner joy, a sense of well-being, a sense of connectedness, and then you'll become shocked when you're able to hold that joy even when things are going bad. That's when you know that something has changed in you.
Things are going wrong? I still feel pretty good about myself. I feel pretty good.that's what faith is. It's the substance of things hoped for. It's the real living substance."

Jimi Hendrix also said this one thing that i have to write down "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we'll have peace." And we need to have the power of love inside"

This peace and self-love I think is very important, and it's not the end game. It's the beginning game.
And so when we're able to wrap our arms around ourself and really love what is inside of us even all of our foibles, then the path becomes smoother. But if we're walking with a sense of
sin, the original sin or something to this effect, that we have some kind of fatal flaw that we're
incorrect, that we're an accident, then our whole life is looked through that particular lens, and we just run up against all the obstacles that we're creating mentally. It's got to be the original blessing.It's the original blessing. Self-love and appreciation is really our foundation to leap into spiritual practice.
And the way you love yourself, the way you really love yourself is to recognize your
your core.if you grew up in a family or a culture where you were called unlovable.On whatever level it is there's healing that has to happen.Because you have to be taught that you're unlovable.
But you then have to learn that you're lovable. And sometimes that takes some work. Some healing work. Unraveling the layers of conditioning from your childhood that told you there was something basically wrong with you.
Nobody is telling you to become a narcissistic self-lover. But it's to have a ground of love that you then can step into the higher realms and into a life
of peace . But if you don't start by healing your core original misconception that you are an unlovable person, you can layer on all the scripture you want. But you won't really ever get it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Not Even Born Yet, Im Still Trying, Im Still Pushin

"I dont ever want to get to a place where i feel satisfied" said somebody i know. And that kinda made me think. But aren't we already like that? Most humans are generally never satisfied. They always feel they need and want its material or spiritual. But isn't that a way that maintain us always interested and in a way a source of always evolved and not staying stuck in the moment or lingering in the past?
A certain amount of doubt and uncertainty is very desirable as long as it doesn't cripple you and paralyze you. And you gotta get over those doubts some how and have the courage and just go out there...just leap, a leap of faith.
Free the repressed child in you.
i spent a lot of my time looking at things from the negative side. But it is true, even people with painful childhoods actually most of the time grow up to be more interesting people. So there's always a positive to a negative.
Once again - people that know about this stuff have always said our childhood determines our adult life. Our character, values and personality is built on the experiences that you go through in your childhood. Weather its in your family circle or its out there in that cruel society of kids that you cross as you grow up. They say that's what shapes you. And whatever insecurities, issues or traumas that you still have in your adulthood can all be traced back to your child hood. hum...

Mine was a healthy and happy childhood over all. I grew up on an island where our kindergarten was the streets and everybody knew our names and who's family we belonged to. We knew we were safe, so there was no room for fear of strangers or harm. We could just be us kids.
We were never really shaped by our parents that thought me certain things. i didnt know the rules and i think that in a sense it helped me. I didnt know that you where not suppose to do certain things or say certain things. And my mother wasn't the kind of mom that knew how to be there for us emotionally. I mean she could easily praise us to the outside people, but found it hard to do it to us. They manifested their love, by giving as a good education, a comfortable roof to live under food on our table and led by example. We do what we do and we do what we live she loves this way cause thats how she got it as a kid.
So when people say that there is always room for change i say i beg to differ. We can adapt to certain circumstances along our lives, and we can improve our ways of thiking in some ways for a healthier mind. But i dont believe that people can change. Or change much. I'm not a big believer that they have to. There're a lot more good to be had in recovering from forgetting who you are, than there is in discovering who you are. People's innocence gets hurt early on and they go away from themselves.
So dont repress the child in you. Let it come out in any form that it needs to embrace it as long you know your boundaries of course. That pureness and honesty about the child thats what you need to hold on to. By the quotes os William Saroyan "in the time of your life, live - so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches"
Behave from your heart because once you do, your mind will know . You may not always know when you're being lied to when you're being told the truth. Dont settle for wanting to live in ignorance. Because humans go with whats comfortable when they dont feel they can take comfort in whats happening in their lives.
Don't be affected by other peoples poisonous words affect you.
Words limit us. Because words are about right or wrong, good or bad. You have the truth that's bigger then words, and you follow it and it tells you what to do.
So if u feel that there is something that u understand you have to have the confidence to believe that and say it, act up on it, whatever it is. Do. it, make it happen. U feel it you see it you say it you do it u make it happen.
If you get, give. If your learn, teach. When people show you who they are, believe them! You can't do anything with that execpt do it.
Let the child in you lead you to your instincts and and teach you how to follow your intuition.Listen and react on it, you'all always be ok.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Make my day

He Knows me.
And he points out aspects of my life, good and bad, that maybe i don't pay attention to.He shines the light, so i can really see what's there and not shy away from it.
And its difficult for me to be told the things i don't to hear. To be told the truth.Because i come from a family of women that are fighters, they dont listen to men. Sometimes i have issues with hearing him because it hits where it hurts. But i'm growing and i'm slowly learning to accept it. Im more aware of my womaness, he helped me to come out of myself in an astounding way.
And i miss him and there are days when i need him so much. Not the need as a dependency. But i need my baby, my man, my friend, my love.
Can't believe how you can touch me the way your touching me like the way your touching meeeeeee...
I can feel pass your skin right to your energy
so this is making love...
I just couldn't see it

Can't believe the feeling of how your lips feel , when you're kissing me and i'm kissing you...
I can feel you heart beating, and you wonder and are intrigued at why i like feeling it beating on my hand when i touch your chest.
When I think about him the rightness,tightness It just flows and flows
Pull it from my left side, right brain Grab it from my neck,my toes
I feel the music sink into me.Go through me,move me,move me
It's a pleasure to be live and thinkin'
It's a pleasure to be in this zone where i wake up with the sound of his laughter on my mind.
It's a midsummer night hour and I'm thinkin about cha babe,wanting you
I wish i could catch a jet plane,I know i would,if only i could
I can hardly stay in my skin It's hard to breath out and in sometimes
Wet dreams are on my mind, can i say that...? Can I come in your mind?
So much I wish you were here with me now. My bad...i'm i being too explicit?
Makin' love knows no distance or environment. I feel you touchin' me and I begin to rise from it
I want to come inside your mind and find a place nasty and kind and bad here i go being explict again...i'm sorry baby my bad.
But you see, the thing is i feel you in-side my stomach, like those butterflies tickling my funny.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Need To Fire Up My Brain Cells, Some One Please Gimme A Kit-Kat Bar!

I was pregnant with words a while ago and my mind had all these ideas but i couldn’t get them in order and i couldn’t get a relief. I had all these thoughts in my mind and i was scared of getting involved with them and getting deep into them. I still am a little bit, But i'm much better now.
So i started to read self help books. I read and read them to exhaustion. I was overwhelmed with so much information i couldn’t believe what they were saying in those books. It was like they were talking directly at me and had found my every single deep dark ghost in me. Telling my whole life in every page. Like Roberta Flack said " Strumming my pain with their words"
But that was the beginning and my mind was empty of thought and logic and reason, so those books where literally quenching my thirst with all the information and giving me logical answering to all my doubts and justification for my behavior and certain actions.
I have always sense a very young age been interested in human behavior and what makes people do what they do and what makes people tick and have always been curious about peoples minds and how they think and how their method of construction ideas in their minds worked. I was fascinated with certain quotes and phrases that i would hear in interviews.
I wanted to be able to think like them and have all the rich vocabulary that they, how easily they would construct phrases and play with words. To me that as music to my ears. And i learned so much from just listening and reading these people talk.
Even tough the self help book help me a lot it got to a point were they all said the same think and they all had nothing knew to surprise me with.
I mean when the books where good. They would tackle the subjects thirly and they would detail every symptom to a perfection. But i still felt like there was something missing, i felt that even though they were giving me great explanations to most of my issues they were not giving me what i really needed : solutions to my problems. They could define so perfectly everything but when it came to giving me solutions, the ones that they were giving were not satisfying me.
Do these days i go online and search for all the information that i can get about all the great minds that have ever existed to this day. From all types of people.
Journalists, politicians, musicians and actors (not celebrities, but artists that understood their craft) all these people with great minds that had gone through so many trial and tribulations and had a story to tell, and tell it in a way that would inspire you to do better and to be better.
Like Anthony Hopkins said "Be Bold And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid" or Denzel Washington who said "This is my life ,everything else is just making a living. If i get away from that idea, i get lost. Anyone with a spiritual base understand humility"
or Toni Morrison who said " As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think."
And these people and so many others have had such a great impact in forming my senses
and realizing the potential that i have to make things happen for me. Or barbra Streisand that said "with a strong sense of self there is also deep insecurity". And what she meant by that is don’t get fooled by something as easy as just a strong sense of self. i was never really shaped by parents that thought me certain things. i didn’t know the rules and i think that in a sense it helped me .I didn’t know that you where not suppose to do certain things or say certain things. So if u feel that there is something that u understand you have to have the confidence to believe that and say it, act up on it, whatever it is. Do. it, make it happen. U feel it you see it you say it you do it u make it happen.
I do believe that imagination and belief really manifest reality. Perception creates reality. Thought transcends matter. The power of thought. I think the outside world mirrors what is within you. Like the times that i feel really good or look really good there is always someone coming to me to say " hey u look really good"! If I don’t like the way i look or feel bad about myself, it will as well come out. So what is that, the power that is within you, somehow premiates into the world around you. You're seen as you see yourself, in other words. What comes from the heart goes to the heart.

So I feel moved and challenged and provoked by these people that have such eloquence with word and chose it wisely. And it stays with me i don’t know exactly how its affected me in terms of it making me a better person. But i do feel that its possible to be changed by being with company like that and by change, i mean you go on and you take that with you and it affect your response to things and your memory of things, how you engage to things. I know that i have been affect and exited and inspired my a person that has shown me their full humanity. I couldn’t say easily what its made me, but i like the fact that it has changed me. Any thing that provokes thought emotion and if that can happen in me to a degree where it can move my spirit. Its something very powerful. And its something innate in us we want that change we want to go through things that can move us and provoke us to a point where we can see that we are still under construction and there is still work to be done.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being True to yourself is the greats Mask You Can Put On?

Is it true that generaly people can't concieve that you can be who you want to be?
I wonder how true it that that statement "being true to yourself". I mean i look at me and see myself contradicting what i say many times. I say one thing and mean the other.
So do your realize you're doing that or, is it you or the things that are affecting you at that time and moment.
I've read so many times that what you believe in and speak is what you become. For example if i stay saying "i'm struggling to make it through" then thats exactly what you'll be doing : struggling to get throught.
"know thy self and speak the truth...hum. Easier said then done. But what about that principal of cause and effect? that kinda makes you think twice.
For instance, one of my dreams is to learn to love myself more. To know what i'm destined to do and be. To love the people that love me in a better way. To be confident enought to give myself a break.
I have a glimpse of the power inside my spirit and i recognize that i'm loved more then i could ever know. But i sometimes lose sight of that. I forget.
Butinspite of it i can't say that i haven't evolved.Actually im proud of the progress i've made. I've come a long way. I'm proud of finally recognizing what i need to change about myself. But that's not enough yet. I need to walk that walk, step outside and walk that walk.
But not to stray too far from the subject i want to say that i wouldn't consider myself the poster child for people who put up masks or front, but for a very long time i pretended to be a person i wasn't. They called me funnygirl because when ever i was around i always had to be the designated court jester. The one who was putting things out there. Someone to gravitate to if you wanted a good laugh because you could always count on me to say something outrageous or ridiculous to make everybody laugh.And i was doing all of that just to stay a float because even tough i do have a sense of humour there where times that i knew that it was a front i was putting.
I wasn't being true to myself.And something inside always tells you whether or not you are being true to yourself - you can sense it. You can sense the difference between sincerity and falseness.You are faking it for some reason of convenience, and faking it, in time, eats away at your very being.
At the end of the day Being true to yourself involves tremendous courage. If you lack that courage, you fake it You fake it when you fool yourself into believing in something simply because it makes you feel good, or makes you feel secure, or real, and this is part of the ignorant bliss you surround yourself with when you are not true to yourself. And that is the the greatest mask you can put on!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Are you Aware of your emotions?

I know that i'm always talking about awareness and its importance and the impact that it has had on me everytime i'm aware...because it gives a guide to my behaviors, even if i become conscious of a feeling that they can't label or describe. They say knowledge is awareness and the cure to all insecurities.

When we don't know who we are,or we dont understand our emotions, we move through life on auto-pilot. We live by habit, reacting unconsciously to people and events around us. We generally let others tell us what to do.
so :
How do you identify and release limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and old patterns?
How do you become conscious of your unconscious motives and understand how your life works?
How do you recognize and heal your pains?
How do you connect with and express your potential?
Untill not very long along, i use to hate to be stared at. Or even looked at.
In my mind, they where anylizing and judging and seing through all my flaws both physical and emitional. So it affected me to such an excent that it took energy out of me.
And the other day i figured it out. I use to hate it because i myself didn't like what was me at the time. I was and sometimes still are very self conscious of my body and very uncomfortable, so in my mind they where putting the spot light straight at me and all the flaws that where built in my mind. And in my mind they where all looking at the flawed and insignificant human being.
Untill i became aware of my emotions and how negative they were and the affect that they were having in my life and my mind.
I became a believer, a true believer of all the negative emotions and feelings that were coming out of me. Untill one day i woke up and saw the woman in the mirror and i could see consequences of not being aware of my emotions. I saw a lifeless human being outside a woman screaming to come up for air and breath. Breath easy...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Do What U Have To Do, So U Can Do What U Want To Do

St Paul Of Tarsus first letter to the Corinthians
"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child. Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things."

The quote is wrought with wisdom, and its something that I would encourage all my friends, or anyone, to consider. It does not say that we put behind out childhoods. It does not say that we can no longer take pleasure in things that we enjoyed as children. It does not implore us to be joyless adults. It says that we put away "childish things" - not childhood.
Growing up - maturity - is not just a function of age. It is not something which is imposed upon you, or something which has a beginning or an end. It is a process, and it is one which you must choose to foster and accept. I know I'm not finished. I learn more every single day. But as time has gone by I have put aside childish things. I would like to think - I sincerely hope - that I no longer think as a child, or feel as a child.
Growing up means, to me personally, as a human being i'm responsible for building me own knowledge base. If i ask questions and and seek out the anwers myself i will probably learn and understand on a deeper level. Its on me to reach a level of knowledge awareness and wisdom so that i can provide myself with the tools that i need to answer the questions that need answering. Like comunication and problam solving. Seperatlely each is an important skill, but combined together these skills allow you to affect your inviroment in a way that you are prepared to do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Thing About "Thinking Outside The Box"

Kamis, 2008 September 04
learn to think outside the box

"Positively Thinking Out of the Box"

How can one person "think out of the box?" This should be done independently, but how? Here's an example: Cut a cake into eight slices but you have to make no more than three cuts. Most people will have trouble coming up with a way to cut the cake. But to solve this, you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it. One perfect solution is to cut the cake into two equal sizes and put the other half on top of the other. Cut it again in half then stack the other half pieces on top of one another and cut them again. There you go, that's thinking out of the box.

Another example of thinking out of a box is this: Here are four words... subtract, multiply, add, decrease... Now which one does not belong to the group? Mostly people would right away say that the word "decrease" does not belong. Why? Because all the other three words are mathematical jargons and the latter is not. Well, that's not thinking out of the box, if you think out of the box, the answer would be the word "add" since it only has three letters while all the other have six and more. You could give a lot of right answers but the one that shows more creativity stands out.

The prevailing component in the way our minds work is inserting some changes from past experiences and processes. Another good sample is when you are asked two days that starts with the letter "T". Your answer would probably be Tuesday and Thursday. Hey, how about Tomorrow and Today? Well, that is out of the box all right. Companies try to test a new product and are sure they are getting a design at a reasonable cost. They look at things in the business and think that objectives will work just as planned. But these things sound monotonous already, for they only think using the past as patterns. Patterns are helpful since they help finish tasks such as driving, eating or drinking. However, these are the same patterns that make it hard for people to think out of the box and create alternative solutions to a dilemma especially when challenged with unwanted data.

One important move to break the pattern is trying to reverse patterns, designs or solutions and arouse new interest. Take thing as they are and turn them inside out, upside down, or simply turn them around and you'll be surprised with the result. This was Henry Ford's personal experience. His conventional plan was to just "bring people to work." He tried to change all this into: "bring work to the people." This plan generated more revenues.

Another way to bring out other solutions to simple problems and situations is to not think about the subject. If you want to bring about something more creative, think not of the part of the problem itself, rather, think of people or subjects in motion and then use the abstract formation or design as a stimulus for a new design.

But to think out of the box, never shy away from the fact that some of your ideas could really be crazy enough. This could break rigidity of thinking and present a way to sift the harebrained and irrational. This gives the thinker more freedom to think out of the box and reinvent things in way they have never been arranged before. What you could do is list several odd or absurd ideas about a certain problem.

Letting go of the question will release the stress you are undergoing by trying to “squeeze” the creativity. Once you let it go, all the power of the universe is free to find a solution and the solution will come to you when you least expect it.

In much more real life scenarios, you could think out of the box for fun. You can practice fun trouble-making stuff without hurting anyone by saying or doing the unexpected. But make sure that you do this first to persons you already know to avoid conflicts and negative confrontations. Say, a buddy asks for the time, automatically you would look at your wrist watch which is a result of the stimulus-response theory. Thinking out of the box, why not say something crazy like, "Oh it's time for a vengeance," then head toward the door. Watch their reaction as they go into total confusion and trance as you have totally mixed things up in their heads and interrupted their thinking pattern. (Don't forget to apologize afterwards)

Thinking out of the Box or usually known as creative thinking seeks to design new and really creative arrangement of elements to produce a work of art. Being an out of the box thinker can be a rewarding profession. This is dangerous, but it could be one of your strengths in no time. If the herd is going to the right, you go the other way.

Remember that you could be genius in your own way. Your thoughts come from deep reaches and these totally different ideas are clever enough to make a difference in the end. Being creative and out of the box is wild sometimes, but could move you through growth and self-development. You'll be surprised at how easy and differently it will be for you to fix and try to solve things away from the tried-and-true habits. Let your thinking out of the old box be your guide to a new and better, wonderful approach to life.