Thursday, October 7, 2010

I forgot about you!

My feelings just changed. I had been waiting for you to realize you couldn't go another day without me. I had played out every excuse you could of had for putting all that time between us. Missing you had become second nature to me. And somewhere between the pain you caused and your need to approach me again. When I never expected to hear from you I just stopped feeling like I needed you so much.
i let you go and i forgot. i forgot those late night conversations. i forgot how much i trusted you, how much i told you. i forgot how it felt to hug you. i forgot how much i talked to you, how much i talked about you. i forgot how much my writing was about you. i forgot all the songs i ended up relating to you. i forgot how, for some ridiculous reason, everything you said made me laugh. i forgot how good i felt when you were just in the room. i forgot how the chance of seeing you got me through the day. i forgot the stomach dropping feeling i got when my phone buzzed. i forgot how good i felt because of you. i forgot how i could be myself around you. i forgot being woken up early every morning by text messages. i forgot what it felt like to actually have the idea that i was good enough. i forgot how i imagined all kinds of awesome scenarios. i forgot how it felt to, maybe just maybe, want the one who wanted me back. i forgot all of your rants about your interests. i forgot all of your tastes in music. i forgot all the shows you watched. i forgot what time you'd usually text me. i forgot everything you told me that hurt me or made me happy. i forgot everything about you and you know what i came back to my memory ?! ME!

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