Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How about taking care of your beautiful mind?

They say, you know "those people", that mama said there would be days like this...and i'm not talking about PMS!.
You know those moments when you feel you're losing it. You're totally overwhelmed and about to snap at anything, or you're soaking it up and everyone is driving you nuts.
Some days i wake up in the morning with negative thoughts about me, my life, the people that are a part of my life even about spirituality. So "those people", the ones that spend their lives researching about human condition and behavior say that you need to transition from thinking thoughts that keep you down to rising up in spirit and letting good enter your life.
"Everything that happens in the world is a reflection of what first happens on the level of your own ideas.There is nothing in the world more powerful than thought." says Marianne Williamson, a specialist on subjects of spirituality.
So how significant is the power of thought. What your thoughts are about the issues of what you think and what you believe. Whether or not you think you have any power in your thinking. I mean, does it make things happen? Does it matter what you think? Does it matter what i think?
There's a great quote but a man called Charles Roman and the quote is about belief. And it says " Those who believe in ghosts, always see them".
But i'm not going to sit here and write about whether or not i believe is ghosts. I relate that quote to the power of belief and the power of thought.
So in that sequence of thought you come to a realization that what you focus on becomes true, at least to you.
If you substitute the word hope or progress or success or resilience or strenght or whatever word you wanna come up with that you want to see happen in your life, what would it mean. If you said "those who believe in hope always see it". So those who believe in progress always make it. Those who believe in resiliense always find their way of getting back up when they get knocked down.
Would it change your world, would it change you, and how would it change your life if instead of saying "i believe in ghosts" you'd say "I believe in hope". I see hope even when things look really bad or indeed are really bad. Because when situations like this occur your are bound to be pulled into the direction of negativity.
But this is the danger. That if you're pulled into the direction of negativity and you believe, what we focus on is what grows. Thats means that the negativity in your life is going to grow. So if you make the decition, and there's something called "self-fulfilling prophecy " (its a psychological term). But what it really means is that a lot of times what you believe is gonna happen to you, what you believe is gonna happen to someone else, you can make it happen.
So i say never underestimate the power of you mind and thoughs, so take good care of it. Feed in with good and positive information and energy.


  1. Yes!!!...for you...

    "Negema wangu binti"

  2. Great stuff! So true, sooo true. We must analyse and become aware of any shadows within ourselves in order to get to the root to replace negativity with something creative and positive. Am certainly doing a purge all this atm... Or is it a simple matter of chosing what to think? I do believe it's more than this, that we really have to face our shadows in order to move on.

  3. I agree with you. Yes we do have to face our demons before we move on. But sometimes...and speaking from experience truth is harder than the pain inside. And living in deneil can be a comfortable place to be at when you can't handle or chose not to see the truth. I do tough think i'll always up to us to chose to live on a life or to face the lies that we build just for our own peace of mind. Thats my personal opinion. Thank you for your comment!