Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toolbox Under Construction

Now here's a refreshing new idea. To say that you need to get your mind straight without it sounding like u gotta carry a heavy load or a cross on your back in order for things to get right. Well i'm gonna try to intelectualize it this is: I Have this mind of mine. Witch i have been getting very aquented with and i like to call it my very special toolbox.
My toolbox is actually underconstruction, so its note done yet. But it's getting there. The project is exciting so it keeps me always wanting to come back for more.
My goal is to equipe it with every tool that is necessary that i need to get to where i am going. Like i've said no matter how long it takes. I'm not even sweating it. Im in no hurry at all.All i want is to get it to a point where when i'm faced with a certain kind of material, or an unexpected situation i can just relax and say to my self "You know what? let me see... this right here, or that over there will help"
To a point where i can feel the wheels of my brain turning, even when i'm not speaking. Too Bold? Well yeah, damn right But i owe that to myself. I deserve it.

I now that the process has to go through opening up those conduits in me, those emotional conduits so that things can flow a lil more freely. I personally have always responded more to the idea that our imagination outlets us into more places. I think that there is nobody whose personal expecience is as rich as a human.
I think it goes for the poets and the writers and all kinds of places where art is born from. You cant tell your personal story or you can't learn and improve just by what you experience. You go to your mind where all the information that you have taken from what you've seen in the movies and the books you've read and the music that has touched you. All that feeds your imagination and helps you evolve into whatever you think that is what you want for you and your mind.
Its hard but you have to strip yourself down and trust the simplicity in you that level of simplicity thatis still pure. Trust your own humanity.Without letting the volume of your life speak so loud and magnetizig the drama of the issue. The hardest thing to do is to trust your own humanity and let it come through with any twists or complications of inflections. Just trust the simplicity of it without over analyzing or over reacting. Somethings as simple as that. They are what they are.
So these tools these lil steps you need to take are tools for your personal survivel kit.
Be real, be honest and be there.
Evolve excell evaluate your mind your atittude your behavior be ahead think out side the box, because forget the box, there is no box. Go beyond your limitations or what you think are your limitations.
All of these things will be a mirror to your soul.Dont get influenced by others negativy, dont gravitate towards it.
So think but dont over analize. The more you think from your heart and from the core of your humanity your simplicity. And you get to a point where you start living your life and acting on it so craftedly that to get where you should be you will instinctively do the things that you have to do and it will be coloured by who you are and who you want to be. but you have to have a real firm solide foundation to do that and you have to be able to trust that foundation and that's what gets you to the good stuff that you're meant for!

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