Monday, May 11, 2009

Finding YOU

These are not my words, but i found them to be very powerful. I think that this goes out to the believers and the ones that hold on to faith and God for survivel and peace of heart. Even if we might not agree too much or think it kind of borderline fanaticism, you have to respect these powerful words...

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,
as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

The devil has a campaign against you going on at all times. His objective:
To stop you from hearing what God is saying about you. God has spoken a word
over your life, but the cares of this life, past experiences, and negative
influences will block you from hearing it. You must get into
position to hear what God has said about you. The enemy seems to already
know because he is usually attacking the very place in your life that God is
wanting to use. You must find that word. You must hear what God has said and
act on it. You must align yourself with the plan of God for you. The word
has already been spoken, and now it needs to be activated! But you must know
what it is before you can align yourself with it. That struggle for freedom,
that struggle for acceptance, that struggle for fulfillment is your
unconscious plight to get that word. But you must know first that God has
the word and you need to get closer to him to hear it so you can activate it
in your life.

It’s not hard to hear God. The hard part is deleting the other voices in your life so that
you can hear him clearly. The television, the radio, the phone calls, the movies, the
boyfriend/girlfriend, the newspaper columns, the stories, the novels, the friends,
the family, etc. are all voices! Many times we surround ourselves with
people, places, and things as an attempt to hear from God and that
is dangerous. You could have people in your life blocking you or voices in your
life detouring you. Take some time to find yourself! Not
by searching inside of you, but by seeking the will of God for your life. Get away from
everyone and everything for a period and silence all other voices in your life. You will
hear God speak to you and once you learn his voice, he will show you who you are
and why he made you. He will show you why the enemy is against you and how you
can walk in victory. Then, you will know who belongs in your life and who doesn’t. At
that point you will know what voices to keep in your life and which ones to silence.
Take the time and do it! What in this world could be more important to find, than the Word
God has spoken over your life?

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