Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monster - Addiction

"... half the world have been created through intoxication " =D. That's a hilarious truth. Drink, create, then stop drinking before your liver pops.
Tragic lonelyness, no vulnerability. tragig pride.
You dont (at leat i dont) often think about this, maybe because its not healthy, maybe because its a dark place to go to, or maybe just because its hard to accept the fact that each and everyone one of us carry that inside of us. Wheather its fabricated by the issues we develope as we are growing up, or its something that that is born with us, and might sometimes come up, or might never show up.
The monster in us.The beast that is released in us. The insights into human nature and the insight or our human depravacy. I think that is why they are so resouding in their power. That beast that takes control over you and your senses and lets you find peace through some kind of adiction weather it be a quimical or emotional one.And you see these souls, lost souls carrying this monkey around their back, wich in the end is what it is. Because they are deluted into believing that it freeded them and gave them a sense of realease. A trick of the mind. I Think.
they say that any addiction is a search for union with oneness, with God. And i guess thats what we all are searching for.
People who are deeply damaged by their own genious or stress.
The Beast Inside Of Me.
What beholds in this body of mine Is an uncontrolable beast, to people its hard to find the beast is asleep while my mind is at peace but when my mind is at war, its unleashed.
It comes out very violently as my right mind waits until its done paciently
My body is intense and my mind is engaged into what its seems its dark and Im in a cage.
Fire is lit, and it burns a hole inside my true identity. For that, I am criticized for the wrong doings of me the beast goes away as time is expired smoke is gone, and no longer there’s fire.
I now try to stay in my right mind day to day because i know if I don’t the beast will come out to play
Time will tell when my mind is finally at rest. Its something I have to get through I guess. I am living with a beast inside of me thats likes to sometimes come out and play. But i cant let him. Because he doesnt know how to play. He only likes play when he knows he's gonna get to me. He only likes to play to pick on me, beause he knows how to trigger me. So i punish him, and keep him locked up. Untill he learns how o play without hurting me. His place is inside a deepdark hidden cave. I place i cant see, feel or hear him.

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