Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Are You Afraid of?

A friend of mine the other day looked at me and said "what a fiercely independent you are!" I was surprised that that person saw that in me. Sometimes it takes other people or even strangers to open our eyes to our selves, or to put the mirror right in front of our faces to see was really is there.
I don't think I really recognized before that the person that i put a front of could be a very different reality from what i trully am. I put this guard on myself so fiercely and put up this persona of strength when, underneath, i'm very vulnerable. I find that I guess I did that in many ways in my life that I didn't really recognize. So when He came into my live it allowed me to release a lot of those things that I didn't really realize I did."

I've said this a million times before, that i would rather go through what ever pain i have to to experience the things that make me feel alive and happy and fulfilled regardless of other peoples personal opinions. I never want to find myself too comfortable anywhere, because I don't think you can grow if you're too comfortable in you private stable zone that you've criated just not to get hurt or challanged.

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