Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angel Gabriel Byrne

If you ever want to know what is like to be in touch with some one who listens to his heart and his soul or what ever as deep as you can go (because that's the best parameter for weather you're telling the truth or not),Let yourself be embrace by Gabriel Byrne's thoughts and words and infinite wisdom...He has the ability to take you out of your self and pay attention to him and listen and you get so in touch with him and what he says that your not self conscious, your not thinking about yourself. You’re there, you're involved. And that is a good place to be in.

I went and looked up the name Gabriel online. So there was a page that said they were the experts on The Angel Gabriel.
Angels do not have a gender; at least as we humans know it. According to the Scripture, angels also do not reproduce. Each angel was created directly by God before the creation of our universe. According to the Bible, the Archangel Gabriel always has been and is still one of God’s holy angels. Many believe that Revelation 12:4 indicates that, when Satan fell, one-third of the angels fell with him. There is no indication as to whether any of the fallen angels were archangels or not. And yes, the evil angels are still active today.
But then there's our Angel Gabriel, who is human and is male and seems like he was personally sculpt by the Gods.

I could use all kinds of specially elaborated words to describe what me at least.
But what im going to put down here is a prayer that he wrote for his daughter Romy, before she was born, and its one of the most beautiful things that i have ever read:

"Prayer for my daughter"

"You are born in love and pain, given to us for a short time only, before we must let you go again with love and pain. One day you'll come to know how close they are one to the other - You are a treasure, a blessing, a prayer's answer, a jig in my Irish soul. You are me. And I am you. You are both of us, the love of your mother and me.

Let me be worthy of you. Let me lead you to truth, to beauty, to the mystery of the universe. Be a comfort for you, be your rock, your refuge, your eejit, your scratching post, your kick the cat, your guide and teacher. Your truest friend.

Let me be open to your child's wisdom teaching me with your soul's innocence the true nature of things. Don't let me take you for granted. Let me always be myself and allow you always to be yourself without judgement - give you the key to my secret heart and not be afraid to show you who I really am, nor of who you really are. Give me the strength to be gone from you when I must go, and to be near you when you most need me.

Let me take your hand and help you to find your true path. There will be sorrow, for that is the way of the world; but out of suffering, joy can come too - the peacock swallows a poisoned thorn to grow the miracle of a feather.

You will ask me great questions, and sometimes I will not know the answer. Perhaps we are not meant to know some things, for that is life too. A seeking. It may be our only purpose here.

All things are changing always. Yesterday is dust. Tomorrow a dream. Our gift is now. And so, my sweet angel, may you know love and be loved in return. May you know truth and laughter and peace and happiness, and may the great spirit of the universe enfold you in his arms and keep you safe for always."

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