Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.

I know that i might be just a lil exhausting the subject, but its one that i'm so focused on and on such a role that i'm finding peace and serenity and understanding. And its feeding my spirit in a way that it is transforming me into a person that i am pleased with. I hope that it remains constant. Because i need it so much so that i can be the best that i can to the best of my ability, so long as my conscious is in agreement with it.
So here i go...Spiritual being. Being in the moment, being awake and alert to understand the messages that keep on coming to you when the time is right for you to understand and to take it in.
From all that i have read i know by now (even though i not always practice it) love, peace, harmony and wisdom are everlasting qualities. And so when an individual is connected to those qualities and begins to exude them and express them, at that moment, they're in the spirit.
I can't feel it right now. Well, i can't say that is true. Some days when my spirit is free yes i can feel it, but if i'm having a stressful day or people are pressing my buttons, it gets hard.
I know that my reactions to the things that happen to me reflect the state i'm in. I know that i'm at a point were i'm still green, where maturity has not hit me yet.
But i'm aware that if individual is mature enough to express that on a regular basis, we can say that they're spiritually mature. Because regardless of the temporary problems you may be experiencing, the connection to love, peace and harmony stays with you. "That which carries you when you're going through tough times," i read it somewhere. "That's what it means to be spiritual."

What i want my definition of spirituality is to be revolves around the understanding that we are more than what we can physically see. I feel that when you begin to realize that you are more than your body, that your purpose is greater than your profession or your career—that every life, because you were born you have a right to be here and there is a calling on your life—it means you live your life without fear and you know that no matter what happens, no matter what happens, you are going to be all right. You are going to be all right. That's what spirituality i want it to mean to me.
Its like for instance this false belief that life has to be a certain way because you're conditioned by society and people around that determine de laws of behavior and morality. So Instead of giving up because because things are not the way you think they should be or happen to take a wrong turn we should rid ourselves of the idea that life is supposed to be a certain way here's so much tension in resisting what's happening that we lose a lot of our power and our inner wisdom to go forward."

It makes me think that everything that is happening in your life, no matter how difficult the crisis, is to teach you more about who you are. To grow you into who you were really meant to be."
If you're struggling and you feel that is something missing or nothing you do makes you feel like you are in control is because you haven't identified a part of your that is lacking in order to complete your life's puzzle.
It's very important. And it has a lot to do with motivation. You have to do it for your own growth... for that presence within you, and then your identity shifts from being mother, and a lover a friend etc. until you are in tune with that divine (or whatever is the definition that fits you better) presence that is thanking you for letting it come into its own as you. If you are not feeling fulfilled all the way down to the bottom of your soul, you ultimately won't have as much to give back and worse consequently you you'll end up looking for fulfillment in the wrong places. And you become this person that speaks in a language of 'I have drama, therefore, I am,'" instead of 'I am, therefore, I think, therefore I can live this life as i chose to live it' otherwise you know that you will internalize lack of self-appreciation and the repercussions’ of it.
So from what i have read and heard at the end of the day, you already have what you need to get started. "Everything that is happening [in your life] is trying to bring you closer to what you really need. To what is really real," says someone i know. "Take that in for a moment."

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  1. you are like the voice inside my head. I cannot say that every single word you said above is something that I have said to myself or someone at some point in my life, but I can certainly say that most of the things you mentioned are conclusions that I have reached by questioning life itself and the world that surrounds me.

    I know that the purpose of life goes beyond what society makes us believe it is and it often saddens me to realize the manner in which people live their lives in an "automatic" state of mind where everything is easier for them as long as they don't question the reason why they are here. I believe that by giving into the status quo they give up on happiness itself becuase they are never fully capable of making their own choices, but rather make decisions that are solely shapped by what they think other people expect from them.

    Living in this present moment is one of the most important things that I have ever learnt. The way i see it, taking advantage of devoting your full attention to this very moment enables you to erase any source of self-doubt and fear, because all you need to know is what surrounds you right now. It enables you to erase the negative and embrace the life that lies beneath every single experience that we have.

    I believe that one of the main mistakes that people will do will be to walk throughout their lives without ever asking to themselves what happiness is for them. The inner feeling of unfulfillment that a lot of people experience merely stems from the fact that they never got to know themselves nor their tried to question the reasons behind their decisions. Peple often amke choices by looking at what other individuals are doing and then react in the way that they regard as the most adecquate. By doing so, they let others shape the decisions they take and, thus, give up on themselves as a driving force of their own happiness.

    Anyway, i think i could write for hours about every single thing that you mentioned on your blog and what i said is only a part of it. However, i would like to thank you because reading what you said reminded me of many things that i am often able to say to people but that i am sometimes unable to apply into my life... sO, THANK YOU!

    It's actually wonderful to realize that there are other people out there who haven't given up on life itself.