Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you're happy now, stop worrying

1. The truth of the matter is that what's done is done, no excuses are necessary. You can't go back and change anything, so there's no point in being stuck in the past. Excuses never work; you're only lying to yourself and lying to yourself never helps anything. Eventually all the lies and the excuses and the alibis fall away, and you're left here, stripped, with the truth before your very eyes, whether you're ready to accept it or not.

2.If you really knew me... you would know that I don't usually cry because things are sad.I dont usually cry period.
I could cry because things are beautiful. I could cry because such beauty is
possible and it's overwhelming. I could even cry because I don't see it every
day, and I should. I want to be a part of that beauty; I want to
inspire someone to tears with my own brand of beauty. With other
people, I think this is possible. If we all contributed, if we all add
a little hope and faith and love into the world with our acts, maybe
we can help someone else see the beauty in life, too. Because our
actions are powerful and positive actions are power at it's purest point.

3. life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
4. truth only means something when it's hard to admit! don't you get that?

5. When people can walk away from you, let them walk. Don't try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, caring for you, or staying attached to you. When people can walk away, let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left.

6. You don’t let people in. It’s hard for you and once you do you don’t want to let them go and when they fuck up you’re like “Why did you do that to me? I gave you my feelings. I did everything for you, and you screwed me over.”

7. So quit your crying and wipe the tears from your eyes, cause this is see you later, I'm not into goodbyes.

8.i remember you looking at me, wondering why i wanted you unhappy.
and it wasn't even that, i just didn't want you happy without me. But that doesnt matter now.

9. I looked back on us today, and I honestly don’t know why I missed you, and why I wanted you back. Sure, at the beginning we had all these dreams rushing into things we had no idea what about, but slowly, instead of trusting you more, I trusted you less, and the more I loved you, the less I loved myself. But now I’m free, and I’m not sorry. I had to get out. I knew it was over long before you said it. And I thought you broke my heart, but you merely made it stronger, made it resilient. Of course I’ll never forget you, but there’s no way I’m ever going back. So goodbye, my first love. Thank you for being such a fabulous waste of time.

10. So, he told you he would never leave you right? He also told you how you were the best thing in his life. Then what happened? one day he got up and walked away.

11. The problem with time, I've learned, whether it's those first two weeks I got to spend with you, or the final two months I got to spend with him, eventually time always runs out. I have no idea where you are out there in the world. But I understand that I lost the right to know these things long ago. No matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as ever was - You and i weren't meant to be. I was in love with the idea of you and you loved the comfort i brought to your life.

12. Right now, at this very moment, all I want to do is sit across from from someone and talk about life. And when we run out of topics, we could just hold hands because that would be enough. Not someone who is not here so i cant can't talk face to face because miles separate us. Well, I can smell the flowers you send, or look at pictures from before, but I can't wrap my arms around a moment in time. So, I sit and think of what will happen to me and what will i do when I finally see you him. All I really want to do is enjoy each other's company and maybe watch a movie or two about falling in love and growing old together. And maybe you and I could fall in love and grow old together, too.
13.It's possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and that in time, the grief... lessens. It may not go away completely, but after a while it's not so overwhelming

14.Here's to the shit we talk, the boys we stalk, the laughs we can't stop. The gossip we spill and the looks that could kill. We'll stay together, all through the years… best friends forever

15.sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. sometimes it makes you love them more.

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