Saturday, January 30, 2010

The element...

"Sometimes a woman needs a man who is a brother friend more than she needs a romantic attachment. She needs someone who is strong enough to say to her, "Say baby, the way you acted the other night, that's not right, or that wasn't the swiftest thing you could do." At the same time she needs him to be strong enough to say, "Hey baby that was so brilliant, I am so proud of you, you were wonderful!"

Some men fail to see it, or if they do see it, they tend to interpret it as a sign of weakness or emotional dependency.
The art of love and relashionship, the whole has to equal all the rest that we all know to make for a good and lasting relationship, but also these lil small things that may not look like a lot, but mean so much when you're a woman and you care.
It should equal more then just the sum of the partes that are written out there in so many books and manuels, otherwise you're just rubbing two sticks together searching for fire.

When you want love, you search for the same kind of combustible fire force that fueled the expansion of the universe after what they call "the big bang". You want the earth to spit fire. You want the sky to split apart and for God to pour out.

Its embarrassing to want so much, and to expect so much from love. But sometimes it does happen.

It happens when you come through the door fists and heart first. With the sound of heaven in your mind. Witch of course is the sound of unriquited love and longing.
It happens when your belief and your faith in that someone is so great that if you expose the purest and the best of what is you, you bring out the best in them.
Because i believe, we are creations of the heart and of the earth and of the stations of the cross-there's no getting out of it.In your heart you can hear the spirituality and home and as quest. How do you find God unless he's in your heart? In your desire? in your feet?! I believe this is a big part of what keeps hope and faith alive when you belive and when you're love is the real thing.
See people, couples get together by accident, but dont don't servive by accident. It takes will, intent, and a sense of shared purpose, and a tolorance for your lovers fallibilities...and they of yours. And that only evens the odds.

This love, this love that hold me, that i hold inside of me. Carries the faith in the great inspirational and ressurective power of it. I believe in him and i believ in me and mostly i believe in us, against all odds.

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