Friday, January 22, 2010

I found this article on FACEBOOK about love. I thoght that it was so so intriguing that i decided to post it. These kind of things we should save and some times go back to read them... :

In retro to our friends quote...
Shahed Reazul Islam "It takes a fool to love, 'cause love don't love nobody."

Love is a property of motherhood and peace. Girls are not mothers. Our mothers are mostly girls. There was only one side to their quest – lefty or else.
Love a left-handed woman next time and believe there's not a single right-handed dog out there. Due respect to Dogs...
If one never had a lefty-woman, one has not been loved by a mother sense.
To join you, one was never loved by a left-handed woman so one have never been around love – it was wrong. Only European women seem to claim such version – she’s wrong and her sisters right.
Right back, one fell in ignorance for a bottomless pit with nothing but greed for meat and strength. Therefore the story when, sugar goes nuts and nuts goes meat forsaking strength of mind and countless victims of feed who could never take a dog day in aggression and response time. Is up to you, to change feeding habits for a better speech – stay nuts.

To convene, girls are still under the eye of consciousness since their mother side is on the men’s side at larger numbers.
Many of us have been deceived that our mothers are indeed mother derived. Yet it carries the disease as we speak and split nations of girls who cannot convey their disease as fair as males. African women are still in contempt to speech concealing the disease en rooted from the first apes that relayed a language to them in orderly peace – only to find cursed words in the language along the way.
Our speech is still ignoring that the cold hand is called right and the warm one left or wrong - it's reversing in speech to claim the spot.
Monkey’s do have sounds as Morse code has messages. Our grandmothers have failed to monitor or pray on the state of the language and the curse lexicon still present under their scrutiny.
Therefore Love is a long way until we seek and purge the source of dark disease that preserve rude to this day. How? Reproduction of females is the only way to judge them from beginning to the end. If you have a daughter you gave us something to educate and challenge their grandmothers.
The reason why so many right-handed humans were allowed to persist in Love despite of no mother hand: equates to the design of the body that lacks signs of aggression such as teeth or nails that can pull vein and take life. Basically it doesn’t kill so it’s time wise to negotiate since two right hands have originated a left handed creature – pure light construction. There’s no such pre-course in the jungle.
Dogs would never been allowed to reach these numbers due to the content of their character that shapes them at a higher risk of aggression.

To conclude, speech and love hurt people since there’s too much disease implanted on the female side who speaks first but fails to release the prayer in free-fall mode for a wiser consideration. At the end of the day one can judge what was said as oppose to react and show males finally on the spot. There's a new day ahead of you little girl. So far, there are more females than males in school so we are proud to die in peace and let grand mothers test their insecurity – maybe nobody wants to go to her school when she finally has the value to say other than her beauty.

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