Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's my Soul Mate

I started this log because i wanted to write down what i was feeling and this sounded like a perfect way of doing.
But i notice i find my self shifting from my purpose and directing my thoughts to him. Well i don't think that i can consider it shifting thoughts, because he's part of my life, he's a part of me.
I think that this happens because when things get bad, when i feel like i'm stuck in my darkness the thought of him lights me up.
I'm so spiritually attached to him and i feel that this bond is so unique that neither space of time can take it away. I intuitively always knew about our connection, and the effortless of our communication. Even when it hurts, when when i find want he says to be unfair and hurt full.
But he changed my life and put it in the direction that it is going now.
He made me remember what i was suppose to be doing and who i really was. He knows about how it means to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Even tough i haven't still gotten there.
I was ever asked to speak about him and to say what it is to me that makes him beautiful, i'd say his spirit is a gift from God.
Most of all he thought me that where ever i go, low or high i have to represent the truth because perception is in no way reality. Perception is not the definition of the truth.and that once you find enlightenment, once the light is turned on, you realize that you've been in the dark.
And i know that i'm still taking baby steps and most of the time i still get set backs and when i think that i'm sure i get tested, i know that there is no way that our flesh understands what God wants a spirit to do.
So i praise him and i treasure him, and i hope that he will always keep me close to his heart.

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