Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dont want you to put me on a Pedestal.But i will need you to cherish and not Underestimate me

You are the best expert on your own self
They doubt my feelings. The're skeptical and they say that this can't be love and i don't act like i'm a person that is in love.
Well i say i don't need to be gushing and drew ling and signing on corners to prove that i'm in love.
What i feel comes from inside. From a very private place i don't feel comfortable nor do i like sharing it.
But i get butterflies just like any other girl. I feel like my heart skips a beat when i see him. I laugh for no reason when i'm around him and i feel like i can't keep it all with so much happiness.
But i keep it to myself and might only share it with him. Because that's how i am.
But i'll say it and defie anyone who doubts my feelings are true : Nobody loves more then me. And its unconditional and unselfish and i would never ask to be put on a pedestal. But i will want to be appreciated and cherished for what i'm worth.

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