Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The story under construction....

Ok. I know that even tough i am kinda lost and this is no way to start brainstorming i gotta start somewhere....

Letters to myself.

I know that sometimes my mind is a scary place to be in and its confusing and unorganized but is is how it goes :

Whats on my mind, what have i been thinking about. What are my worries, concerns anger or frustration? Or do the things i think about make me content.

I read on a blog the other day that whatever occupies your mind occupies your time. What you focus on and what you're thinking about is where your energy is at.

And that is totally aplied to me and my life.
What i know for sure is that my mind is wrecked by negative thoughts and i'm not acting on them. I repress my thoughts and i dont face them. Im afraid to dig inside. I try not to analise and chose to live on impulse. And living like this for so long has left me a persom of insecuries and fears.
And as a result i shy away from obsticules i dont face my deamons i sugar quote the reality that is in front of me. I represse it all and breath out of anxiety and frustration.
I dont express what i feel and i dont let people know what i want.
I'm conditioned totally by me fears and i behave accordingly.
So i'm tired, i am tired of this restlessness and i want peace of mind and find happiness. Starting from my core, starting from inside of me

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