Saturday, February 14, 2009

Your Halo....

I don't think that a date should validate a sentiment or a state of mind.

To me Valentine's Day is just a date. Nothing more nothing less. But damn sometimes its hard to hang on to that belief when you're bullied from every corner and back and forth by what you watch on TV and what you listen on the radio and this all around conspiracy that you see in front of you. Specially if you decide to go outside. Makes its really hard to stand up and make argument about what you think this day should be.

So damn it now this has got me nostalgic bout this whole thing. Makes me think about the one that i love. Makes the fact that he's far away a very very heavy burnen to carry.

I can't be near him, and i can't see him but could you please tell him this? let him know that...

he brings me water, water for my mind. Tell him that i carry him in my smile
Tell him that he heals me and the he knows the real me.
Tell him that i appreciat how he chooses his words wisely when he wants to tell me that i'm not right.
Tell him that i think that he is beautiful that i see the compassion in his eyes.
tell him that whatever it is that he came to teach me, i am here to learn it.
Tell him that he is a beautiful surprise and that
he is always in my head always in my dreams always in my peace....

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