Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Make my day

He Knows me.
And he points out aspects of my life, good and bad, that maybe i don't pay attention to.He shines the light, so i can really see what's there and not shy away from it.
And its difficult for me to be told the things i don't to hear. To be told the truth.Because i come from a family of women that are fighters, they dont listen to men. Sometimes i have issues with hearing him because it hits where it hurts. But i'm growing and i'm slowly learning to accept it. Im more aware of my womaness, he helped me to come out of myself in an astounding way.
And i miss him and there are days when i need him so much. Not the need as a dependency. But i need my baby, my man, my friend, my love.
Can't believe how you can touch me the way your touching me like the way your touching meeeeeee...
I can feel pass your skin right to your energy
so this is making love...
I just couldn't see it

Can't believe the feeling of how your lips feel , when you're kissing me and i'm kissing you...
I can feel you heart beating, and you wonder and are intrigued at why i like feeling it beating on my hand when i touch your chest.
When I think about him the rightness,tightness It just flows and flows
Pull it from my left side, right brain Grab it from my neck,my toes
I feel the music sink into me.Go through me,move me,move me
It's a pleasure to be live and thinkin'
It's a pleasure to be in this zone where i wake up with the sound of his laughter on my mind.
It's a midsummer night hour and I'm thinkin about cha babe,wanting you
I wish i could catch a jet plane,I know i would,if only i could
I can hardly stay in my skin It's hard to breath out and in sometimes
Wet dreams are on my mind, can i say that...? Can I come in your mind?
So much I wish you were here with me now. My bad...i'm i being too explicit?
Makin' love knows no distance or environment. I feel you touchin' me and I begin to rise from it
I want to come inside your mind and find a place nasty and kind and bad here i go being explict again...i'm sorry baby my bad.
But you see, the thing is i feel you in-side my stomach, like those butterflies tickling my funny.

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