Monday, June 8, 2009

Being True to yourself is the greats Mask You Can Put On?

Is it true that generaly people can't concieve that you can be who you want to be?
I wonder how true it that that statement "being true to yourself". I mean i look at me and see myself contradicting what i say many times. I say one thing and mean the other.
So do your realize you're doing that or, is it you or the things that are affecting you at that time and moment.
I've read so many times that what you believe in and speak is what you become. For example if i stay saying "i'm struggling to make it through" then thats exactly what you'll be doing : struggling to get throught.
"know thy self and speak the truth...hum. Easier said then done. But what about that principal of cause and effect? that kinda makes you think twice.
For instance, one of my dreams is to learn to love myself more. To know what i'm destined to do and be. To love the people that love me in a better way. To be confident enought to give myself a break.
I have a glimpse of the power inside my spirit and i recognize that i'm loved more then i could ever know. But i sometimes lose sight of that. I forget.
Butinspite of it i can't say that i haven't evolved.Actually im proud of the progress i've made. I've come a long way. I'm proud of finally recognizing what i need to change about myself. But that's not enough yet. I need to walk that walk, step outside and walk that walk.
But not to stray too far from the subject i want to say that i wouldn't consider myself the poster child for people who put up masks or front, but for a very long time i pretended to be a person i wasn't. They called me funnygirl because when ever i was around i always had to be the designated court jester. The one who was putting things out there. Someone to gravitate to if you wanted a good laugh because you could always count on me to say something outrageous or ridiculous to make everybody laugh.And i was doing all of that just to stay a float because even tough i do have a sense of humour there where times that i knew that it was a front i was putting.
I wasn't being true to myself.And something inside always tells you whether or not you are being true to yourself - you can sense it. You can sense the difference between sincerity and falseness.You are faking it for some reason of convenience, and faking it, in time, eats away at your very being.
At the end of the day Being true to yourself involves tremendous courage. If you lack that courage, you fake it You fake it when you fool yourself into believing in something simply because it makes you feel good, or makes you feel secure, or real, and this is part of the ignorant bliss you surround yourself with when you are not true to yourself. And that is the the greatest mask you can put on!

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