Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Not Even Born Yet, Im Still Trying, Im Still Pushin

"I dont ever want to get to a place where i feel satisfied" said somebody i know. And that kinda made me think. But aren't we already like that? Most humans are generally never satisfied. They always feel they need and want its material or spiritual. But isn't that a way that maintain us always interested and in a way a source of always evolved and not staying stuck in the moment or lingering in the past?
A certain amount of doubt and uncertainty is very desirable as long as it doesn't cripple you and paralyze you. And you gotta get over those doubts some how and have the courage and just go out there...just leap, a leap of faith.
Free the repressed child in you.
i spent a lot of my time looking at things from the negative side. But it is true, even people with painful childhoods actually most of the time grow up to be more interesting people. So there's always a positive to a negative.
Once again - people that know about this stuff have always said our childhood determines our adult life. Our character, values and personality is built on the experiences that you go through in your childhood. Weather its in your family circle or its out there in that cruel society of kids that you cross as you grow up. They say that's what shapes you. And whatever insecurities, issues or traumas that you still have in your adulthood can all be traced back to your child hood. hum...

Mine was a healthy and happy childhood over all. I grew up on an island where our kindergarten was the streets and everybody knew our names and who's family we belonged to. We knew we were safe, so there was no room for fear of strangers or harm. We could just be us kids.
We were never really shaped by our parents that thought me certain things. i didnt know the rules and i think that in a sense it helped me. I didnt know that you where not suppose to do certain things or say certain things. And my mother wasn't the kind of mom that knew how to be there for us emotionally. I mean she could easily praise us to the outside people, but found it hard to do it to us. They manifested their love, by giving as a good education, a comfortable roof to live under food on our table and led by example. We do what we do and we do what we live she loves this way cause thats how she got it as a kid.
So when people say that there is always room for change i say i beg to differ. We can adapt to certain circumstances along our lives, and we can improve our ways of thiking in some ways for a healthier mind. But i dont believe that people can change. Or change much. I'm not a big believer that they have to. There're a lot more good to be had in recovering from forgetting who you are, than there is in discovering who you are. People's innocence gets hurt early on and they go away from themselves.
So dont repress the child in you. Let it come out in any form that it needs to embrace it as long you know your boundaries of course. That pureness and honesty about the child thats what you need to hold on to. By the quotes os William Saroyan "in the time of your life, live - so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches"
Behave from your heart because once you do, your mind will know . You may not always know when you're being lied to when you're being told the truth. Dont settle for wanting to live in ignorance. Because humans go with whats comfortable when they dont feel they can take comfort in whats happening in their lives.
Don't be affected by other peoples poisonous words affect you.
Words limit us. Because words are about right or wrong, good or bad. You have the truth that's bigger then words, and you follow it and it tells you what to do.
So if u feel that there is something that u understand you have to have the confidence to believe that and say it, act up on it, whatever it is. Do. it, make it happen. U feel it you see it you say it you do it u make it happen.
If you get, give. If your learn, teach. When people show you who they are, believe them! You can't do anything with that execpt do it.
Let the child in you lead you to your instincts and and teach you how to follow your intuition.Listen and react on it, you'all always be ok.

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