Friday, June 5, 2009

Are you Aware of your emotions?

I know that i'm always talking about awareness and its importance and the impact that it has had on me everytime i'm aware...because it gives a guide to my behaviors, even if i become conscious of a feeling that they can't label or describe. They say knowledge is awareness and the cure to all insecurities.

When we don't know who we are,or we dont understand our emotions, we move through life on auto-pilot. We live by habit, reacting unconsciously to people and events around us. We generally let others tell us what to do.
so :
How do you identify and release limiting beliefs, emotional reactions and old patterns?
How do you become conscious of your unconscious motives and understand how your life works?
How do you recognize and heal your pains?
How do you connect with and express your potential?
Untill not very long along, i use to hate to be stared at. Or even looked at.
In my mind, they where anylizing and judging and seing through all my flaws both physical and emitional. So it affected me to such an excent that it took energy out of me.
And the other day i figured it out. I use to hate it because i myself didn't like what was me at the time. I was and sometimes still are very self conscious of my body and very uncomfortable, so in my mind they where putting the spot light straight at me and all the flaws that where built in my mind. And in my mind they where all looking at the flawed and insignificant human being.
Untill i became aware of my emotions and how negative they were and the affect that they were having in my life and my mind.
I became a believer, a true believer of all the negative emotions and feelings that were coming out of me. Untill one day i woke up and saw the woman in the mirror and i could see consequences of not being aware of my emotions. I saw a lifeless human being outside a woman screaming to come up for air and breath. Breath easy...


  1. Great post! Awareness and acknowledgment is sure part of evolving into a more useful state of being for ourselves and others. :)

  2. thank you for your comment. Its good to know that somebody else shares the same thoughs as i