Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Expectations About Spirituality

Regardless of any bodies belief system, we'll eventually one day feel the need to learn about spirituality. I grew up never thinking about it. I thought God was the Church and the church was the only authority when it came to Gods word.
But then things happen for a reason, and some people come into your live for life others come for a season. And if you are lucky enough to find yourself two or three people (like madea's wise words say)in your life that's like the roots at the bottom of the tree, you are blessed, because those are the kind of people that are going no where, so when you get your self some roots you better hold on to them.
So then came my wolfie, the good wolfie.He is truly a gift to me. He touchs a place in my soul that calls forth divinity, nobility, and joy. I dont know how long he will be a part of my life. But im hoping that he is one of those roots that sustain a tree. But he intruduced me and got me seriously thinking about spirituality and ever since that has been one of my main goals in life and my favorite subjects...Spirituality.
The more i started to read and listen about the subject the more it moved me in. It was like the feeling of gravitation towards a cleasing.
And yesterday i saw this show in witch the subject was all and only about spirituality and what it means and how sometimes its confused with religion and misinterpreted.
So this is what i leaned and i want to write down word by word so that i won't forget it and somehow make it my guide.
It started with this quote witch contradicted my hole miscomception about God and his link the the church:

"Jesus said... the Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood... and I am there, lift a stone... and you will find me. " Can anybody be indiferent to these words? i couldn't.
So they had this panel of spiritual teachers who in a very simple and aquerate way explained what it means to spiritual and what is spirituality.
So they were saying that our inner life, our soul, is something we come into life with. That its shining in our hearts. Its always there with us.But as we go through life,this light, which is the lantern of who we are, gets covered with layers of conditioning. The anger you build up, the fear, the mistrust, difficuties from your childhood, all that begins to dull the natural light that is within us.
So when people say that they go into a spiritual path, there're not going somewhere else.Not going to get something that we dont already have. We just have to clean the sides of the lantern, to start healing your ourselves.
Spirituality is not about gaining anything. Its about letting go of something.The distrust, the anger, the worry, the fear. So spirituality is about letting go of the false beliefs, the limiting perceptions, the unexamined perceptions in our life. Once you start letting go of the ball and chain, weather you do it through prayer or counsil, meditation, whatever works for you, you will start to little by little letting go of the things that which is inhibiting you from being yourself. So that then you can come into awareness, you have insights, you have revelations into your real nature.And who doesnt want that? To be spiritualy liberating
So what does it mean to be spiritualy liberated? It means you are no longer run by unexamined perceptions.
Sometimes i find myself wondering who's running me? whats running my life? Is it the unexamined perceptions that i adapt from the society i live in, or is it my higher self that, the one that is inharent to all of us like our intuition, or wisdom tools that some of us are not even conscious of. But i know that if i stay awake, ill will come to me in a language that i will understand.
So if you think about it, you are your own best authority as your work on yourself and so ultimately you really are your own best priest. You have to listen to your inner voices. Listen, trust and obey your won inner voice.
I believe in prayer but i don't know how to pray i cant find stillness in me to concentrate on the prayer. But I believe that when you pray and you ask God to lead you to the place for you and your family. And you persist in that prayer. Over time, that it will happen. It will be revealed to you. It may be totally
surprising, unconventional, outside the box. It will be—it will come to you. I believe all that and i have a great respect for those who have this ability, i just wished i could be at a place where i could be able to go there. was saying here.
I heard say You have to stay awake. It will come to you. That somebody will be talking, you'll be in a conversation, you'll be in the supermarket, you'll be
somewhere, you'll see it on the back of a bus, you'll see or hear it on television.
I believe that. Things are changing all of the time and they change rapidly and i understand that there's a teacher for every level of consciousness or every level of awareness. And where i am right now, i wouldn't fit in another other box.I think that what i ready for now is to do some exploration and some research into real spirituality. So i know i'm going to find where i fit.
What i have a problem with. Well no, not a problem with what i wonder a lot is, people with weight problems they make an effort to loss weight and they finally get to a poit where they lose the weight they needed to keep it off, but most of the time because of emotional problems they fall off the wagon.
So How do you stay connected? How do you not slip off to your old way of thinking and that—that, you know, keeping that positive feeling and keeping, you know, more spiritual like, being more connected? How do you stay present continuously.
I guess the trick is to be connected with other people that are on the same path as you are.Keeping your company holy and walking the same direction. I guess you can call it a spiritual practice. Some days you're going to feel good, you're going to feel high. Some days you're not going to feel good, but you still practice. Just— you wake up every day, you brush your teeth every day. Some days you may not feel like it, but you still do it.Some days you're going to feel good, you're going to feel high. Some days you're not going to feel good, but you still practice. Just— you wake up every day, you brush your teeth every day.
whatever your particular inclination is. Give yourself a moment of silence.
There is This Pastor who says "Give yourself a moment of silence. Watch your breath. And then what happens is you start to develop a kind of an inner subjective way of being, and you don't beat yourself up when you're feeling
bad. You don't go to the other extreme when you're feeling good. It's a practice that, over a period of time, it would hold a space of inner joy, a sense of well-being, a sense of connectedness, and then you'll become shocked when you're able to hold that joy even when things are going bad. That's when you know that something has changed in you.
Things are going wrong? I still feel pretty good about myself. I feel pretty good.that's what faith is. It's the substance of things hoped for. It's the real living substance."

Jimi Hendrix also said this one thing that i have to write down "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we'll have peace." And we need to have the power of love inside"

This peace and self-love I think is very important, and it's not the end game. It's the beginning game.
And so when we're able to wrap our arms around ourself and really love what is inside of us even all of our foibles, then the path becomes smoother. But if we're walking with a sense of
sin, the original sin or something to this effect, that we have some kind of fatal flaw that we're
incorrect, that we're an accident, then our whole life is looked through that particular lens, and we just run up against all the obstacles that we're creating mentally. It's got to be the original blessing.It's the original blessing. Self-love and appreciation is really our foundation to leap into spiritual practice.
And the way you love yourself, the way you really love yourself is to recognize your
your core.if you grew up in a family or a culture where you were called unlovable.On whatever level it is there's healing that has to happen.Because you have to be taught that you're unlovable.
But you then have to learn that you're lovable. And sometimes that takes some work. Some healing work. Unraveling the layers of conditioning from your childhood that told you there was something basically wrong with you.
Nobody is telling you to become a narcissistic self-lover. But it's to have a ground of love that you then can step into the higher realms and into a life
of peace . But if you don't start by healing your core original misconception that you are an unlovable person, you can layer on all the scripture you want. But you won't really ever get it.

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