Friday, October 30, 2009

Dorothy Says she'll lend me her slippers so that i can go back home to him..

"they say you're not someone untill sobody loves you!" i heard you say.

And i say to you...
Just when I'm ready to throw in my hand
Just when the best things in life are gone I lean over and touch your chest, feel your heart beat.
There's no smoke without fire. You're exactly who I want to be with without you what could I do
And when I'm willing to call it a day. Just when I won't take another chance
I hear your voicer and catch your contagious laughter.
There's no smoke without fire. Man I love you, without you what would I do
And i miss you i miss you and miss you.
Everything about you. The way you pick on me, the way you try to and sometimes do get a tap on my butt, i miss your somewhat sometimes bitchy moods. I miss looking at you when you don't know that i am. Its not creapy, its love and love in the purest of ways. If i close my eyes and go to sleep maybe dorothy can lend me her magic ruby slippers so that i can clip my heels three times and repeating "there´s no place like home, there´s no place like him and bamm i have a smile stretched from ear to ear to see you walk down the road. And we meet at the lights, i stare for a while
Just you and me on this
let me be the calm you seek but every time I'm close to you
there's too much I can't say and then its time to leave again
and I forgot to tell youI love you and the night's too long and cold here
without you.
I grieve in my condition
for I cannot find the strength to say I need you so and Dorothy needs her slippers back.

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