Sunday, October 18, 2009

Humble me lyrics

Sara says "hoje eu sei eu te amei...faz ele me dizer te amo..."

Let it be ... I love you is not "hey good morning how you doing?"

I am amazed by the fugacities that people have to love. It's amazing how a few weeks that relationship, the lovers have declared themselves in love, make vows of eternal love, declarations for those who want to see and hear. Even more in digital media, and flogs orkuts. Ephemeral "I love you" ...

All well that when you have 15, 16, 17, do you really think that is completely in love with that kid and have never, ever, in no circumstances will no longer be. But when you go over two decades, things change in perspective. Talking "I love you" takes a much larger size. When you say you love someone, you mean absolutely everything to admire in that person. You love the positive qualities, but above all, know the negative and it's still in love. You know those annoying little things on anyone in the world? Well, the beloved little things they are annoyingly beautiful.

Love is not to be blind, but know that no one is perfect for anyone, that everyone is capable (and how!) Mistakes, and that even real love someone you are not free to hurt him. And I think that deep down, everything is based on it: to hurt and be forgiven. Why forgive someone who hurt you the truth, ah, yes it is love.

I've never been a very romantic, or old-fashioned about love, like those who dream of serenades at the window, rose bouquets on common days, statements in the ear, candlelight and all that romantic movies propagate. But I do not believe in love at first sight. Passion yes, but love is much greater.

Love does not appear out of nowhere, and not walk away from nothing. Love is that a post-passion, when you get to know all the defects of the person and still want to continue together. It's when you start thinking in the plural, the singular does not exist. It's when you stop dreaming and start to perform. Love is won. Love is learned, is a constant.

Why say that love is easy, it is difficult to prove. And I do not speak of explicit statements, gifts and passionate kisses. All this has to be a consequence. Love is caring when the person gets sick, watching that boring movie with a happy face, is to bring that sweet tasty in tpm, is to look in the eye and already know what the other person is feeling, you smile just to see him smiling is to embrace and give shoulder to cry without asking anything, is to fight ugly and still want to stick with it, is to feel satistied.

I now propose a motion. Let's fight against the widespread use of "I love you." Because "I love you" is not "hey how you doing"

It's not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, or that applenity that i had tonight
It's just the nearness of you

It isn't not an evental sweet conversation from you That brings this sensation,
It's just the nearness of you

When you let me lay my head on your chestand I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true

I need no soft lights to enchant me.If you'll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you

Thats all and not too much to ask for....

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