Friday, November 6, 2009

Vows of submission

vows of submittion ... Can i have it like that? You got it like that!

I can iron your vest if you want to, The one that you don't wear cuz its wrinkled.
I´ll soe your stockings, for when winter comes...
I'll cover you with my Rain Cout, i wouldnt want to see you wet.
If it gets real cold at night, i could cover him with my body's heat.
And you'll see how velvet skin, thats now cold, comes so fresh in the summer time
And when outum comes...i'll dust off the leafs from your porch so we can lay beneath all those planets.
My sent will cover you with lil touches of lavander. There's another women in me (secret) some of ém ninfets and in my body only you and lightweight dresses, to be taken by total desire to dream.
But when it is time for me silence and go tough I know that suffering, I'll leave you far from me.
I am not embarrassed to ask for his love (charity), but will it protect my dignity?
I won´t leave (not even willing) a photograph.
Only the cold, the planets, ninfetas and all my poetry) ) )

*Fernada Youg

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