Monday, November 9, 2009

This Girls Whim

This is me. I got all these lil whims. I have needs that cannot be met or satisfied.
Im stubborn, i know. Hipochondriac.
Rageful when i feel i'm being attacked. I dont eat onion, cuz i might have to french kiss in a lil while.
When i'm not at the drivers seat, the only option is passenger side, next to the driver. I dont impose myself on no one. Wont definitely implore affection on no one.
I'm very private about my relationships, i'd rather keep it to myself.
Dont have many friends. Dont want to anyway because you gotta be very smart about who you chose to share your secrets with.
So yeah, i'm a pain in the rear, very bitchy at times, but hey won't i stand in the way of no one that doesn't wanna be bothered. I'll only bother the ones that don't think i'm a pain in the ass and actually like my company.
Oh yes i think that some of the times i am a peace of work. But i guess its just like you having a Rolls Royce : if you dont want to pay the high price of maintenance, you should ride a passat instead!


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