Monday, November 9, 2009

Melancholy And The Infinite Sadness

I've been cracking my head recently, whining about my sadness that I've been hiding through smiles and laughter with friends and officemates. I think that ultimate happiness is a myth untill you truly understand its meaning. But untill you do, such bliss can only be experienced momentarily, and one only has the right composure and well-made mask to seal his melancholia. Sadness is something we feel involuntarily and no matter how much we philosophize that loneliness is a state of mind. the mere fact that we think of it as such just re-affirms that we are actually sad.

It's difficult to understand that the purpose of living this world is to achieve happiness, and we all have these fantasies and own means and processes to reach that point. The bottomline of all these ambitions and passions is to unearth cloud nine.

We say there are enough reasons to be happy. We have our family, our home, our job, our money ... the fact that we are breathing is enough to put a smile in our faces. But we are too human to be contented: we must dream. And we will spend our entire lifetime searching for our purpose. And the stark reality is we will lurk on our unsatisfctory selves most of our time.

Nothing in this life is simple. Nothing is boring. The fact that you want to escape the state of "boredom" is a challenge on its own. And contemplation means ticking your brains out, bursting your brain cells to come up with something. When we envision a simple life, we are actually dreaming og something grandiose. What we normally say, at most times to cover our projected wisdom and positive self-image, isn't entirely what we really want to say. We mustn't entirely believe every spoken word, every written term. The heck, mine may be entirely different from what I really want to mean, but the sure thing is, we are continuously searching, cracking our own codes.

So, where am I? Ah, sadness. And we have different ways of coping up. Mine happened to be playing with words

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