Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is For The Chronic Whiners and Spoilt Brats (including me!)

Oh just look at you. Whiners and spoilt brats (including me!)
Dwelling on your misery, looking like ATLAS (cuz you act like you carry the world on your shoulders)
Attention seakers
Counting the cost of your desire to be seen

I do not count myself among you (but i do)
I may be living in a dream
It's just there seem so many of you
Can't help but hope
There's a difference and me. Or is it me?

Maybe your mama gave you up boy
(it's the same old same old)
Maybe your daddy didn't love you enough girl

Never forget your secret's safe with me
Just look at all the wonderful people around you
Trying to forget they had to put up with what you become and turned yourself into

It's a dream
With a nightmare stuck in the middle
But where would you be
Without all of that attention
You'd die. We'd die wouldn't we

Talk about your mother, talk about your father
Talk about the people who have made you what you are
Talk about your teacher, the bully boy who beat you

Did you get off on a bad foot, baby? Do you have a little tale to tell
Is that why you're a the way you are? Is that what makes a whiner?

Nothing comes for nothing, baby. The things you complain about and the things that others have that you poor lil thing dont aren't heaven sent
And who gives a fuck about your problems, darling when you can pay the rent

How much is enough?

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