Saturday, December 26, 2009

Love song for the one i love

OK not too often im sentimental. I'm not even too mushy about love. I'm very goffy with romance. I dont know what to do if im offered flowers.God forbit someone give my a piece of jewerly, i wouldnt know what to do wth my hands. Thats how i am.
But i have my good wolfie. The man i love and what i feel for him, just spontaneously turnes me into this woman in love who needs to express herself.

Stuff myself into your reason, I lie real close and cling.
I'd get small i'd even crawl for the madness you would bring

Find comfort in your tangled words I'd be sharper than your grief
I'd gather up into the dust of all your fears and live in the corners of what you believe.

I'd conjure up a second heart to house your sweet pain
I'd love you so hard other folks won't have to strain to hear
I'd become your shadow and haunt for just a taste of your want

This sickness is a mutant bliss, It's a slow steady shrinking into thinking
I'd evaporate without your hate to remind me i'm still here

More than any other could
I would love you like no other could. If only you'd let me

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