Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Romencing the Devine

These are not my words...but i read this article and fell in love with it. It gave peace and comforte. Its almost like a prayer.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to romance God? We know
that He romanced Israel especially when they turned away from Him. He said,
“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak
comfortably unto her,” Hosea 2:14. Is it then possible that we as well can
romance the divine – become intimate with Him?
I think it is possible that we, who believe in Him and His beloved Son,
Yeshua, can indeed romance Him right back. I think this is the case in most
relationships but we fail to realize it because to us romance seems to always
convey sex rather than intimacy. Intimacy in truth is really drawing one into your
space, and unveiling your most inner being, the true person that you are, in their
presence uninhibited. Well, that’s my definition anyway. So, how is it possible
that a mere human can romance the divine?
In Him romancing us, He laid down His life through His only begotten
Son. He laid it all on the line for us. He allured us to Calvary and there He took
the plunge. He gave up the ghost so that we could gain access to His chamber
behind the veil where we can speak comfortably to Him. It is there in that space
which is His and His alone that we are able to romance Him.
Behind His veil we are able to unveil ourselves, expose our thoughts and
secret ways to Him without fear or condemnation. And there we are able to
speak softly and tenderly, whispering our shame our disgrace and our hurts. But
as a true lover ought to be, He does not shame us in the moment, He embraces
us right back and He sees only His beloved and He falls instep and whispers
right back. My beloved, where have you been? What has taken you so long?
Romance is alluring that person of your interest into your wilderness, that
place where no one else but your true love desires to be. True love will accept
you with all your flaws and shortcomings, and so, when you romance the divine
you must be true to yourself so that He will come into you. Into that place where
your secret reservoir of hope is and He will answer you back with grace oh so
amazing. It is at this point when intimacy emanates in His chamber.
Romance should always be a two-way street that invokes intimacy and
culminates in embrace. To the divine, intimacy can be a whispered prayer, a
silent moment in His presence, an upward glance at the beauty of His creation,
or even a song that erupts out of sheer pleasure from being in His presence. It is
these things and more. We also allure Him each time we invoke the love He has
placed in each of us to speak life and not evil, to help each other not to hinder, or
when we lift our voices in praise and bend our knees in worship in our exaltation
of Him. This is akin to speaking comfortably to Him. Each time we engage in
something that is right out of the heart of God we allure Him to our side and each
whispered breath of adoration is like sweet communion with Him.
Being in Israel is like a constant romance of the divine. Each wisp of wind
is like a kiss from Him. The lapping of the waves on the shore is like God alluring
me to the water’s edge to soak Him up and in. The beauty of the Jerusalem
stones glistening in the morning sunlight reflects in my soul like His banner over
me is love. The starlit sky is like a canopy that blankets His inner chamber with
the beauty of His majesty. The land is like the table He sets before me and all of
the harvest is what He has prepared for me to delight in. So what have I given to
Him that might be considered a worthy token of love?
I wake up daily at 6am and walk for about 2 hours. During one of these
walks I pondered the frailty of my soul and the darkness of my past. I could not
comprehend why in this land things were beginning to fade from me, and life was
coming back into these dry bones. The land, the nation, is becoming life to me,
although in my soul I felt like a barren wilderness. Yet somehow, I did not/do not
feel alone, I felt a tug like someone was alluring me away from my own self
absorbency and dismay. I was being romanced by the divine and didn’t realize it.
He restored my soul! He was whispering to me on my walks melodies of
love not retribution. He was blowing His breath upon my face and each breath I
took was like drawing more of Him in. Without a doubt, to every stronghold of my
life He presented someone in my path to speak life into that area and the chains
began to break away. He did not leave anything undone. There were words of life
to my eyes, my age, my hair, my complexion, my size, and my face. He used His
own Holy people to romance my soul and awaken my heart to life and love for
my own self. My token to Him is that I have finally learned how to accept the
divine romancing me.
I am responding in kind. I look in the mirror and I see a pearl once hidden
at the bottom of the ocean in the jaws of a clam. Every shell I pass on the beach
of Tel Aviv is a constant reminder to me of where He plucked me from. I look and
now I see and I smile. I see only my Father’s eyes, the many years He graced
me with, the coils that crown my head, the golden glow of His sunsets reflected in
my complexion, the mass of my body that imitate the curving hills of Jerusalem
and my face and age indiscernible as time being saved in a bottle. I allure Him,
as I give way to recognition of who He made me to be and what I accept from
Him – I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I think He finds pleasure in that. I
think He knows my heart is hid in Him. I think this is how we romance the divine –
when we accept and acknowledge His presence in all of our lives and the world.
So, you must speak comfortably to Him about yourself and as you allure
Him into your wilderness, He will speak as a lover to your soul and before you
realize it, you are romancing the divine and He is romancing you.
This is what being in Israel is doing for me. This is what happened when I
came here to provoke His people to jealousy. I learned to romance the divine and
recognize when and how He is romancing me.

By Joy from the Trumpet Team

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