Thursday, December 10, 2009

Think About This....

The space inside this circle represents our realm of knowledge. All that we think we know about whatever we think we know is depicted right here within this circle! We must keep in mind That there is more to know than what is within the circumference of our awareness!
One recent study concluded that the “mind” is situated within our emotions. Still its as hard to understand to professional analysis as it does within each and every one of us. Intuition may well be the very essence of communication as we know and understand it. It is from this state that ideas are born from an imagination fueled by a desire to know.

So, you may ask, how does one get a handle on it? For me, it is both as simple and complex as you can imagine. For one thing, logic must be checked at the door as we develop an “Intuitive Body” based upon what i've learned. From this perspective, one can refine the way we experience incoming info, to have a direct affect upon our perception of all incoming experiences. In other words, we are what we create and we manifest our own realities.

"Perception of this phenomenon is enhanced by exercising a powerful tool: the imagination. Perception in this context, equals knowledge. Knowledge in this case, is different from intellect, in that we attain intelligence in measure, while knowledge is received in mass. Awareness can also equal knowledge, and therefore both perception and awareness can be seen as aspects of the same force of mind that may open us up to that most treasured of states, Knowledge of Self.
Knowledge of Self should be the most important criteria for existence, not survival! I believe it is the primary purpose of human consciousness, and the use of the human mind as its gathering tool. It is our most precious element; far greater than food, shelter, sex or power over others.

True awareness? Is when the heart links together with the mind and performe a field of thought.
Harmony and ideal? Real of awareness : "suspended somewhere within that field, the Realm of Awareness takes shape as a third point of reference. This alternate point is a ‘perceived emotion’ or a ‘felt perception’ that is both intuitively acknowledged and intellectually identified. It is the realm of the Soul."

Think about this,next time you act out of impulse or anger or frustration or misinterpretation...

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