Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As a Rule

I don't fight with "Him"s.

Fighting implies that you care and caring implies that you have feelings invested in the matter, and having feelings invested in the matter implies that you've not maintained proper levels of emotional unavailability.

When dealing with men, the moment a conversation takes a turn for the worst, I speak my mind and exit stage left. Why? Because I'm not looking for love and "Him"s are expendable
You've got to be incredibly wary of the ones who immediately inspire the ink to flow from your pen, and writing about him is almost too easy. Sometimes it seems like everything about him is poetry...

A girlfriend of mine once said to me, "you're one of those whirlwind girls." I denied it at the time, but she was dead on. I like to be wooed, I want to be swept off my feet, I want the white horse and the wall-scaling, dragon-slaying, witch-murdering rescue. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy wandering through this adventure that is "life as a twenty-something" serial-dating a bunch of guys that I'm just not that into for the fun of it. But when I meet one that I am into, if I'm not careful, I'm easily unhinged because I'm one of those whirlwind girls. I love the thrill of discovering he and he discovering me. I'm enticed by the concept of reckless abandon. And this, him... it's quite reckless.

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