Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wishing our life away...

Do you recall when you were a child how you wished that you could speed up time and all of sudden be older then you were? You wished that you could hit the fast forward button so that you could stay up later, so you could have sleepovers, so that you could date, so that you could drive, so that you could have your own place, no curfews, no answering to anybody, etc. Each time you just knew that if you could push a button and speed up the time continuum that you would be much happier when you got there.

If you are like most people you had adults in your life who told you not to wish your life away and that not all of what you perceived to be so good would be as glamorous as you were building it up to be in your mind. The wisdom of their experience was attempting to get you to see how great it was to be where you were at that point in time and that you didn’t need to grow up so fast.

Of course as we grew older and we began to experience the full force of adulthood we began to understand why we shouldn’t have wanted to grow up so fast. As a matter of fact at times we may even have looked back upon our youth and waxed nostalgic of the good old days when we were more innocent (translated, more authentic) and we didn’t have all of the responsibilities of adulthood.

You would think that we would learn our lesson about wishing time away, however we tend to still do it as adults. On Monday many people are already wishing the week away as they wish of another weekend. Many people wish time away as they anticipate a vacation. Others wish time away as they anticipate retirement, even if that is twenty years away!

We need to savor today, because today is “the good old days” that sometime in the future we will look back upon and lament about how we wished we took more time to enjoy what we had. Be here now, we hear this all of the time. We must learn to quit wishing our life away for this part of our journey is finite. Not one of us is guaranteed a tomorrow and the limited tomorrows will come all too fast and be gone before we know it.

Love today, savor the beauty of today. Savor the experience of today even if that experience today is one of pain, one of despair. This day will never happen again

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