Monday, May 17, 2010

You cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself

Let me tell you the conclusion that i got from reading an article about self and the true meaning of it. And to make this an elaborate email let me start with this:

To turn around and say “To go beyond yourself” seams simple and logical doesnt it?It does. To a person that is used to being around that kind of language and way of seapking. But if you dont quite undertsand you may think that it means to go outside yourself.But its the opposite, because what its really telling you is to go beyond the layers on the surface that we have created that in many ways hides our authentic self from others and even from our selves.
I have come to understand that to make any real change you have to really know and be hones about your current reality. I mean, we can’t really affect any real change if we don’t full understand the situation that we are trying to change. We have to know our reality to make the changes that will have true impact.
Samething is applied when you're tryng to step out of the darkness of your false self to the light of your true being.
If this is my journey and its the one i choose i have to first understand where i am today. I gotta know myself and i gotta do it in an honest and open way. I know that this is going to mean that i will have to be willing to look at and understand who i am today even if that means acknowledging things about me that i don’t feel good about. Expose meto my soul and take accountability for the reality that i've created. And taking accountability my reality is a crucial oart of the process of knowing myself. Meaning that i cant blame who i am, how i think, what i say or what i do on anything or anyone else. But that doesnt mean that in return i have to punish or blame myself, i just have to accept responsibility and understand that my reality is the reality that i have created.
Like for instance, looking at my intentions and understand the true motivations that fuel them. And i've noticed that as i see things that way, and get them into prespective i slowly begin to discover that what on the surface seems like good intentions are sometimes self justified intentions that don’t always serve us in the way we think they do. Often times our egos need to be controlling and self serving which drives us to think and act in ways that feed our ego and detracts us from our true self.
So being truly ready to dig deep and make changes i know that i have to find the courage because i need for that self examination.
As i go through all of this i Know that this process of discovery of self is not a comfortable process and i know that sometimes i will feel as if im entering a dark valley and unchartted terrotory and i will want to step back and not deal with it. But as long as i understand and believe that this is part of the process and allow myself to experience the darkness that may feel and trust that when you when i'm done, ill find the light that i need. That light that brings out the true beauty inside of me and will be the light reflected by my very soul!
I just finished reading it, and so this is the immediate response and reaction that i felt inside of me, and before the feeling is gone and i forget what i'm feeling now, i decided to share it with you!

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