Sunday, June 20, 2010

And how do you make things grow when you have no water.

there will be a time when i realize that i, myself, am more important then your monsters.
Because i was fighting them with you as if they were my own.
it was not my duty. it was not my burden
there are so many things that remind me of you,
i'm starting to think i'll have nothing left to myself
i'm hanging on for something that isn't coming.
something i used to know made me this way.
you took something away that wasn't there.
i don't know why i'm still doing this.
i'll forget about this just a little bit longer,
i said i was done,
but i haven't gotten stronger.
what happened to not being one of them?
what inside of you made me so free?
what inside of you hurt me so bad?
just wait until it evaporates.
wait until you're standing in the cold,
nothing to warm you but the heat of bodies passing you.
they won't notice you.
i'll pass you too, one day.
i'll give you the shirt off of my back.

i'll regret it.
because you regretted me.
think we need to start remembering why we're here.
but some of us have no idea.

why am i the easiest to one-up and forget?

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