Saturday, June 26, 2010

Remember Me

I know somedays i hate you, and some days i'll write some hatefull things about you. But its a way i found to keep the pain at a distance. Because the least i want to do is remember you...remember us. It hurts right down to the bottom of my soul.
But today i dont hate you. Today i miss you. Why? why did u let me go. why didnt you call back and say "I didnt mean it. Come back!"
But i know its never gong to happen. I know i've lost you forever... know i'll never hear your voce or see you smile, or hear you heart beat. And its so hard to accept.
You dont know how many times i resist the tempation of calling you, just to hear your voice. Mayb eif you heard my voice you would chnge your mind...
But i know its over. I know there is no turning back. And i know that it would eventually end up this way, because you were nt suppose to be mine. You never loved me. But i loved you so...

Bye baby, see you around. Didn't I tell you I wouldn't hold you down
Take good care of yourself, you hear Don't let me hear about you shedding a tear or lettiing the devil ride you or going to often to that dark place you go.
You're gonna make it

Remember me as a sunny day That you once had, along the way
Didn't I inspire you a little higher ?!
Remember me as a funny clown that made you laugh when you were down with my sillyness, with my odd ways, with my peculiar ways of being didnt i?!

Remember me as a breath of spring. Remember me as a good thing
Remember me when we are happy and our morning glories and our blissfull nights and the way we had it good when things were good.

Bye baby, see you around I dont know if you have someone new and if you do,
What can I do but wish you well?
What we had was really swell. I won't forget it, No, I have no regrets

Remember me as a sound of laughter And my face the morning after
Yes, you'll remember the times we fought. But don't forget me in your tender thoughts
Please sweetheart.

Remember me when you drink you long island and if you see someone enjoying theur mohito and I gave you my best, i did. And what i didnt is because didnt know how.
Remember me with every ounce of good you have.
Remember me as a good thing.

Remember me as a sunny day and hw i loved the beach and how you knew it so well.Please darling, remember me as a good thing .Remember me when you drink your cognac...
Because i will always love you. Whenever, whereever and how ever!

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