Sunday, March 15, 2009

Short Span Of Attention

As i grow older, and let me just say that i'm in the "baby years"if i put it into perspective. Given that those who know this stuff say that we are the generation that is going to live longer. So to intertain my ego, i might as well say that im notin my 40's im still walking on my "baby years". As for the cinicals i say...well ok. But i'm still on the right side of the 40's

So as i was writting, as i get older i feel that i'm finding it hard to deal with crap and bullshit. Well not hard. Lets correct this and say that i'm not willing to put up with what people decide to throw at me.
So. If you're gonna flatter me, you better be intelligente with him. If you're gonna waste my time and call on my attention you better make it worth it. I got no time for bullshit. And i know. I know that if i'm going to take a stand like this one. Be arrogante as some might thing. I'm going to enter some pretty tough terretory and sometimes...i might just not like what i'll hear and i might get somethings trown at me. Like words that i m might find tough to chew.
But i'll take that the risk. Because to be in that status is a whole new of quality living and socializing. Your state of mind your attitude and your happiness are complet and not threatend.The kind of living where you don't have to be apologetic to anyone, you say what is on your mind you are true to your self and you don't hold back.
A kind of living where you don't take crap or bullshit from anyone. You don't waste your energy on pettiness and ignorance. Where you will only allow to be part of your life things and people that can help you be a better person and can allow you to evolve into whatever you are set to be. Whatever you are equiped to be. And you well except and expect the same in return.
Like for exemple. Saying NO when you have to. Even knowing that is not going to please others or taking a position that you know is not politicaly correct. But it doesn't matter. Because if in your heart your going to be true to yor self, you're going to always know what is the correct think to do.

So if you're going to shift my attention towards you, make it good, make it worth my time and energy.

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