Friday, March 27, 2009

The ultimate wish list

Ok. If someboby was to ask me today to make a wish list and on that list to mention all of my dreams and wishes and even the most secretive of fantasies, and impossible dreams. And i'd have to be totally honest about it, here how it would go :

I would ask that my son turn out to be a happy and responsible and healthy adult. That he would sucessed and excell at anything that he would set his mind to. That he could be financialy secured for the rest of his life. And that he would always see me as his rock. The person that he could trust unconditionally.

I would ask that my family (wich means my parents and my brother and sisters and all of their siblings and loved ones) would also succeed in their lifes both financially and personally and that we can be always as close are we are today.

Now for me...for me i'd have a hole lot to ask for. Hum...I've ask for enlightment awareness and knowledge. I would ask for peace of mind. I'd ask to learn how to set myself free from my insecurities and fears and self doubt.
My boldest wish? To build a healthy and happy life with the one that i love. That we couldt finally be and stay together. I wouldn't mind the struggle and the pain that i would have to endure. Because i'm certain that in the end...its all worth it. Just to be a part of his life and he's of mine.

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