Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is where it all goes down.

This is what "i don't love you" feels like.

leaving someone behind means you only want the best for him, even if it means
swallowing the sad reality that the best just isn't you.
i wanted to make you proud, i wanted to see you smile. but it wasn't good enough.
and i want you to know, that i have loved you most and it breaks my heart to see you go.
i'm not going to stay here waiting for you to come back to me. i'm not planning on being here when you needme or when it is your time. friendship is not a one way traffic you know. But you know i dont mean it!

the one thing i hate most is saying goodbye. it's never been easy for me. i mean, how do you approach the concept of goodbye? goodbyes are all different. some are for a day, some are for a month. but others are forever. and the concept of forever is hard to accept. it's like hey, i'm never going to see you again, goodbye. it doesn't feel complete. but i think that's what goodbyes are. they're incomplete and you
honestly don't know how long the goodbye will last. it's a part of life.

it's amazing how much somebody can break your heart and still you love them with every broken piece of it.
But after all that's said and done, i still do think
you're amazing, i still cherish every moment i ever spent with you and every smile you brought to my face. i'll forever be thankful that someone like you was brought into my life, even if it had to be taken away too soon,see you were my miracle, you were my fairy tale i got to live.
And the worst feeling isn't being lonely, but being forgotten by someone you could
never forget. to look back and see how things used to be, knowing it'll never be
the same and realizing it doesn't matter to him at all because he doesn't miss a
thing. that's the worst feeling

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